“The New Leaf Childcare and Learning Center provides an environment of excellence in which teachers and staff members use their God-given gifts and abilities to nurture and educate children and give opportunities to children and their families to encounter Jesus Christ while they are gaining an early education in a safe environment.”

NLCLC Vision Statement

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New Leaf Child Care & Learning Center
4-Star Step Up to Quality Award Winner!

New Leaf Child Care & Learning Center is a state-of-the-art facility for children ages 6 weeks through school-aged children up to 14 years old. This Step Up to Quality program is 4 star rated with the goal of becoming one of the only 5 star rated Child Care programs in Ashtabula County. 
New Leaf child Care is open from 6:00 am -6:30 pm 
For more information or to schedule a visit call 440-593-3330.

Greetings from NEW LEAF CHILDCARE….

Greetings from NEW LEAF CHILDCARE….

Hello New Leaf family and friends! I wanted to catch everyone up on the happenings of the center, so….hang on for the ride.

Let me begin by saying God has been showering us with many, many blessings! We have been blessed with having full classrooms! We have been blessed with being able to pay our share of all monthly expenses (some are payment of entire bill) here at New Leaf UMC. We have even been able to begin to set aside, in a designated fund, monies that will be needed to, at someday in the near future, replace the heating and cooling units that are on the roof of the building. They are currently the original units that are now obsolete and many parts are not available to repair them properly. For all this and so much more I give great THANKS to God. And I also ask for His continued blessings and guidance, wisdom and understanding as we continue to grow.

Next, I am asking for you to pray that God will grant me even more wisdom as I take on the search to replace 2 staff members that are leaving us for new positions. I also ask for all of you to pray that God will lead their replacements to me and that He will have His hands upon the center at this time. Leaving us are Jessica Dames and Linda Painter. Jessica has been with us for 10 years and will be joining ODJFS as a case manager. I will deeply miss her. She not only was a lead teacher, but she was my administrative assistant who helped me with some of the many, many paperwork reports the state now requires of me as Administrator. I wish her all the best as she begins this new journey in her life. I will also miss Linda Painter. Linda has been with us 5 years and is the lead teacher in our transition into kindergarten preschool class. Her shoes are also going to be hard to fill, as she really worked hard to prepare our preschool children to enter kindergarten and succeed in our school system. Linda will be returning to Head Start as they are preparing to open a new location in Ashtabula. I wish her the best of luck on this new phase in her life.

Finally, let me relate a short story to all of you. New Leaf Childcare is a MISSION of New Leaf UMC. Over the past few weeks I have sat in church on Sunday and heard Pastor Scott remind us that 90% of Conneaut does not attend church any where. Keep this in mind as I continue. Currently there are over 100 children en-rolled at the center. There are 76 families. Of those 76 families, I know for sure of only 15 that attend church any where. That leaves 61 families right here Monday through Friday that attend New Leaf’s biggest MISSION that are not attending church some place. Now, recently I told this to someone and they replied “WOW.” I then asked them, “When was the last time you stopped in between 3:00 & 5:00 to say Hi to some of these families as they pick up their children to go home?” I know, I know, not everyone can stop what they are doing and stop in to say hi to the center’s families, but there is a great opportunity for everyone to reach out and “rub elbows” so to speak with not only families from the center but also from the Conneaut community. When is this you ask??? December 21st from 9:00 am - 11:00 am is the center’s annual Breakfast With Santa here at New Leaf. Cost of the breakfast is by free will donation only and I invite each of you to come out for pancakes & sausage and spend time getting to know families from the center and the community. Plus, we will be having a Chinese auction for those last minute Christmas gifts. If anybody would like to donate an item for the auction you can drop that off to the center office. If you are a member of one of New Leaf’s small groups, I am looking forward to seeing your group’s donation this year. We had such a great reply last year and all the donations were greatly appreciated. Look at this event as a way to, as Pastor Scott would say, “Give ‘Em Heav-en!”

In Christ’s Service,

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